On January 29, 2021, I moderated and moderated the 4th annual symposium for the Shared Parenting Council of Connecticut. This symposium featured 3 experts giving fact-based presentations about domestic violence policy and its implications for child welfare. It was attended by Connecticut legislatures and the general public via Zoom. 

A significant conversation with my friend and colleague Lora regarding the impact of divorce. Lora openly discusses her divorce, blended family, coming out and co-parenting. There are many nuggets of wisdom for you.

Thinking about divorce? Already in the process of divorce but waiting for the courts to reopen? There is absolutely no need to be sitting around waiting. At Mediation and Beyond, we believe this is the best time to be thinking, learning and planning your next steps and get acquainted with some of the divorce lingo so you can divorce wisely, with less conflict and cost effectively. This a perfect time to become familiar with some of the terms that you may encounter in your divorce. The world of divorce has it's own language which can be challenging at times, being informed is not only smart but can often reduce some of the overwhelm that can accompany the process. Below is a mini-reference guide to understanding some divorce terminology that you may encounter along your divorce journey. Contact Mediation and Beyond now for your virtual consultation, and let’s plan your family’s next steps.

In this interview, I have a deep conversation with Sylvia Guinan, author of "The Richness of Divorce." In this interview, Sylvia shares her personal experience and what led her to write her new book. "The Richness of Divorce" takes you on a journey learning to connect your experience, the 7 chakras, and how they work in tandem to help you find peace for yourself and your family. This interview was recorded on June 20, 2020 via Zoom.