What is coaching

Coaching is a powerful tool to help mitigate concerns in your life. Logically connecting current patterns of thought and behavior to your past is crucial for present change and growth. When we recognize and understand our patterns, we are then able to change and grow. Coaching will show you how the positive and not so positive experiences that you have experienced inform your thoughts and actions. The change is in the awareness coupled with new responses. 

Is coaching right for me?

If you are open and ready to think, feel and learn, then you’re ready for positive change in your life and relationships. Coaching will help you actualize these changes into the life you wonder about.

What is a coach?

You should feel as if a coaching session is a safe place to share your personal information. It’s an honor to hear your story, and a good coach will treat it as so. Trust allows for quality teamwork and will result in tangible changes in your mind and life.

How will I know if coaching is working?

There is only so much change that can occur through talking and coaching sessions: What you learn has to be applied and implemented in your everyday life. What you do on your own matters as much as what you and your coach do together. When your life becomes easier and moments more enjoyable, you’ll see how our work together is affecting change.

How long will I be in coaching?

There is no time- table in terms of coaching sessions. However, clients generally notice positive traction towards their goals quickly. It is our aim to become a trusted advisor to individuals who make their own decisions and are happy with the outcomes.