What is Marital Mediation?

Occasionally, issues arise within a marriage that are not easily solvable by the couple. This could be because of issues relating to infidelity, trust, finances, relocation, in-laws, parenting, intimacy and a host of other items. These matters can easily escalate into significant fractures that may jeopardize the stability of the relationship. Marital mediation creates an environment where an objective and impartial mediator helps to align both partners. The mediator allows both parties to be heard and validated, while also exploring solutions that help maintain the stability of the marriage.

How can marital mediation prevent separation or divorce?

By engaging in marital mediation, a couple prevents an escalation of the issues. Mediation helps partners feel heard and gives them tools to express themselves in a way that preserves the relationship. Although many couples wait to see a mediator when they are separating or divorcing, marital mediation enables a couple to find solutions to problems prior to any uncoupling decisions.

Is marital mediation cost effective?

The emotional and financial costs associated with divorce are well known. Marital mediation creates a diagnostic moment that is financially nominal in comparison to the cost associated with allowing issues to fester. Most health professionals recommend annual check-ups and most cars benefit from frequent minor services. Similarly, marital mediation can be seen as a relationship “tune-up,”  a marital "wellness check," helping to prevent much more costly alternatives in the future.