Are Post-Divorce Issues Common?

Unfortunately, post-divorce issues are common. However, you can be prepared to handle what comes your way. Your divorce agreement affects your post-divorce disputes.

What Are Some Common Post-Divorce-Issues?

Child support modifications

Child support modifications may become a point of contention post divorce. If there is a change in circumstance for yourself, your ex-spouse or your child there may need to be an adjustment to the initial support order. This could be an increase or decrease in payments.

Relocation and custody modifications

There are many reasons for individuals to relocate or seek a custody modification. If you or your ex-spouse plans to move and you both share custody of the child(ren) then the relocating parent will need to secure permission before moving if it in fact will affect the existing parenting agreement and custody order. Additionally, there are times when the child(ren) may wish to live with the other parent and make that the primary residence. There are numerous reasons for custody modifications. Typically it is in the child(ren) and parents best interest to work this out in mediation.

Changes to alimony, spousal support, maintenance

Typically a substantial change in circumstance needs to exist in most states for a change in alimony, spousal support or maintenance. Some common reasons to seek a modification to the existing order would be a death, job loss or increase in income, remarriage or cohabitiation of the person receiving the support.

Attempt to collect on a pre-divorce debt

Debt is typically divided in your divorce agreeement. Even after your divorce creditors can still come after you if your ex-spouse defaults on pre-divorce debt. If you did not secure financial liabilty in your divorce agreeement conflicts may arise.

Is it Possibile to put Post-Divorce Issues Behind You? 

You cannot anticipate every post divorce scenario that may arise however you can be proactive and preventative by having a comprehensive divorce agreement to begin with. By creating a solid and thorough parenting plan and settlement so as to avoid as many future conflicts that may arise. If there is a situation that originates post-divorce the best avenue is to seek out a professional mediator who can help navigate a mutually satisfactory agreement to the pending issue.