Mediation and Beyond

with Colleen O'Neil

The goal of Mediation and Beyond is to change the culture of divorce. This means we strive to ensure a fair and mutually satisfactory agreement for both parties. It’s our expectation that mediation fees will be significantly less than separate attorneys for a court proceeding. We also understand that through the mediation process and re-established communication, there may be circumstances where reconciliation is possible.

Colleen maintains a private mediation and divorce coaching practice in Westport, Connecticut additionally she is available to travel to clients, as well as video conferencing.  

Pillars of our Services

Separation / Divorce

Separation and divorce is a very emotional time. Why a marriage is ending may be out of your control, yet how you end it doesn’t have to be. Working together, we can address and resolve the issues pertinent to you and your family, which can help you move forward in a kind and thoughtful manner. Our goal is to assist you in reaching your own settlement and to assist you in putting together the pieces of your life.

Beyond Divorce

Post-Divorce challenges can arise for many reasons: parenting plan concerns, new relationships, co-parenting communication (verbal and written), relocation, stepparents, changes in parenting time, decision-making, alienation, finances, health or mental health issues, social media, and beyond. Our services will help you navigate these issues. 



Mediation is when individuals choose a neutral third party to help facilitate conversations that address issues pertinent to their conflict. Mediation is right for individuals that are seeking a cost-effective, litigation-free divorce. It’s also ideal for couples and families who are willing to work together to resolve conflict. We can help two opposing parties design a collective "win."

Coaching / Mentoring

Coaching is a powerful tool to help mitigate concerns in your life. Logically connecting current patterns of thought and behavior to your past is crucial for present change and growth. Our services will be able to help you recognize patterns so that you can change them into beneficial growth.