What is a Blended Family?

A blended family is when one or both of the partners enters a new relationship with children of their own. There are many possible variations. Sometimes one partner will have children from a past relationship while the other partner does not have children. Sometimes both partners enter a relationship with children from prior relationships, with possible age ranges varying significantly. Additionally, new relationships might create children, giving more social dynamics to the blended family unit idea.  

What are the challenges within a Blended Family?

Typically some of the challenges can arise with rivalry among siblings and step-siblings, with everyone needing various amounts and types of attention. Some aspects that require special attention are the the role of parent and step-parent during moments of discipline and other concerns that may interfere with creating strong bonds. 

Can Mediation and Beyond help a Blended Family?

Forging two separate families together and creating one strong family unit may not be as easy as you thought it would. Mediation and Beyond helps families navigate the hard conversations that need to happen so that strong bonds can be established. Mediation and Beyond helps your unique dynamic by giving you a place to share concerns and to gain skills necessary for blended family success.