Communication is central to relationships and the divorce and mediation process. Styles of communication can either create calmness or agitation. In our 21st century environment, we use phone, email, texting, and various other messaging methods to interact with our partners. Mediation and Beyond can help you utilize use the necessary means of communication to reduce hostility not enhance it. 

How can Mediation and Beyond help a phone call?

Many times, people pick up the phone after being emotionally triggered by an event or message. That call is so charged with emotion that it is nearly impossible to create a positive outcome. Quite the opposite, the emotionally charged call often leads to defensiveness and an escalation of emotions. 

Mediation and Beyond provides a service where you can call us first. This allows emotions to be heard objectively. After hearing your issue, we can create a strategy and the necessary wording so that you are heard and the person you are communicating with will ultimately communicate with you differently. Often times, this strategy removes the emotionality of delivery and retains the subject matter. By utilizing Mediation and Beyond as a sounding board, a person will usually find that they are much more successful in their communication. This reduces the hostility between the parties and helps to create calmness and trust. 

How can Mediation and Beyond help a text or e-mail?

The written word is powerful. When writing, we are generally more selective in words we use. More importantly, texts and emails are difficult to interpret. A writer may think that they have written an inquisitive text/email, and the reader may interpret that same email as accusatory or condescending. The written word is also important because it can easily be used as evidence during legal proceedings, either as an accusation or defense. 

Because written communication is so important, Mediation and Beyond seeks to help you refine your writing. Many times this method is simply removing emotional sentences. Other times, it could be by replacing words that could be misinterpreted. By having a 3rd party review your writing, you will be able to have communication that is more efficient and less volatile. Repetitive usage of our communication services reduces the exposure to litigation, provides for better outcomes, and can even build trust between parties.