Adversity is an opportunity. The COVID-19 virus is providing many families with just that, an opportunity to plan their Divorce during the Pandemic. Don’t be last in line when the courts re-open and they will. Mediation and Beyond is available for virtual mediations to help you self-determine the outcome of your divorce. There is absolutely no need to wait regarding your divorce concerns, whether you are in the initial stage or have post divorce concerns.


At Mediation and Beyond it is our experience that typically, in Connecticut, most Divorce cases take anywhere from 6-18 months. Now that COVID-19 is amongst us that timeframe will certainly be extended to deal with all the cases that were initially pending and the new ones that will need to get on the court docket, such as yours.


Now is the time to work with a Mediator and come together to design a separation agreement that benefits your children and yourselves. Getting ahead of the curve will give you peace of mind and ability, if you choose, to create a new dynamic that will foster a positive transition for everyone in your family. Mediation works amazingly well if both parties are willing to work together and there is no domestic violence.


  • Most family law matters in Connecticut are eligible for electronic filing (E-file), which essentially means you don’t have to appear at the courthouse to file your divorce. You can commence your case remotely. Either party may file but only one person can file a divorce complaint, also known as dissolution of marriage.


  • Regardless of the COVID-19 virus, once you Electronically file your divorce, in Connecticut there is typically a mandatory minimum wait of 90 days before receiving your next court date, the case management date. This time period gives parties an opportunity to work out a settlement. If the parties have reached an agreement on all the issues i.e. parenting plan, child support, alimony, division of property, allocation of debt and all other pertinent concerns then the parties may ask the court to waive the 90 day waiting period.


  • Utilizing these 90 days to design your future is practical, smart and cost effective. This is the time to design your parenting plan, work on your required financial affidavit, share your financial information and see what you agree on and what you need help coming to agreement on, all of which are necessary components to successfully preparing and settling your divorce agreement.


Just because the courts are not open doesn’t mean you need to sit idly by and wait, you’re only prolonging the process once they do open. Essentially once you file the clock starts ticking and you’re in line. If you have reached a decision to divorce, regardless of your partner, there are ways to be preparing for when the virus has lifted, and the courts have re-opened. Get in line now, as it’s anticipated that the courts will be significantly bombarded with many legal matters, divorce being one of them. Mediate and self-determine the outcome of your divorce.  Call Mediation and Beyond for your free consultation.