CoParenting and divorce are challenging enough never mind throwing a global illness in the middle of it all! The Covid-19 pandemic has turned everything we were doing upside down. Although the world has shut down it doesn't mean our parenting and co-parenting responsibilities get to. The courts are available for emergencies only and although our coparenting issues can feel like an emergency the courts may not agree with you during this unique time.

The Good News

The good news is there are options. As parents, if you are struggling with coparenting issues try to sit down and create a safe plan for yourselves and your child(ren) until the pandemic passes (and it will). If sitting down and communicating is not something that you both can do right now then contact a mediator to help you navigate a conversation and design a plan that will work for everyone. A more costly approach is for each of you to contact an attorney and have them help you come to an agreement. Lastly, you can stay stuck arguing, being hurt and not being the parents you know you can be to your children. What will you choose?

These are difficult times to say the least, ideally you will work out your current co-parenting issues together, but if you can't, and sometimes you just can't, then contact a mediator and create something good for yourself and for your children. You have options during these unprecedented times. Choose wisely, your children depend on it.

Video conferencing is available to address your divorce needs, the pandemic can't shut down relationships. We're here to help make this time a little easier for all.