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Is Coaching right for me?
If you are ready to think, feel and move forward with your life than Coaching is an excellent option for you

What is Coaching?
Coaching is a powerful tool in helping you with the concerns in your life. Being open to connecting current patterns of thought and behavior to your past is crucial for present change and growth. Awareness and openness are essential in achieving an aerial view of your life for optimal movement forward.

How do I know if my Coach is right for me?
Coaching needs be a safe place to share your personal information. It is an honor for a Coach to receive, hear your story. A genuine feeling of trust, calm and the ability to be open and vulnerable will make for quality teamwork and allow for authentic, powerful change to occur. A good connection is tantamount to creating solutions.

How will I know if Coaching is working?
In Coaching the change you desire and deserve will happen because of the honesty you bring forth. Ideas and actions generated and implemented by you will create the momentum at which your goals are achieved. There is only so much change that can occur through just talking- what you learn has to be applied to how you live in your world. What you do on your own matters as much as what you and your Coach do together. If you are working in unison with your Coach you should expect to see change rather quickly.

How long will I be in Coaching?
There is no time limit on Coaching but you should expect to see results quickly. You will know when you have achieved the results you were expecting and are seeking because your life has shifted in a positive manner.

Does insurance pay for Coaching?
Insurance does not pay for coaching.



Is Mediation right for me?

Mediation is right for couples that are seeking a cost-effective, litigation free divorce and who desire to be responsible in working together to resolve any conflict. Couples who choose mediation are in the driver seat of their future and the future of their family rather than the court deciding outcomes for you.


What is Mediation?

Mediation is when a couple chooses a neutral third party to help facilitate conversations that address issues pertinent to their divorce. The parties control the outcomes not a judge. The couple creates solutions pertaining to their particular circumstance and needs. The process is confidential in nature.


What is the benefit of Mediation?

Mediation has many benefits: you are in charge of your outcome. You collectively decide and address with the help of a trained mediator, the conversations and concerns that need to take place in order to unravel the partnership you created. You have a neutral party helping each of you hear one another and work together in what is in the best interest of the family. Your marriage may not have worked but your family still can.


 What is the role of a Mediator? 

The role of a trained mediator is to help individuals navigate conversations that may or may not be difficult to have. A mediator will support you in being heard, enhance your listening skills, help you craft the conversations that need to be had and address the concerns that keep you up at night. A good quality mediator will help you see not only the problems more clearly but the solutions more readily.