A better you, for a better family

Bridging the gap between Family and Divorce

The goal of Mediation and Beyond, located in Wesportm CT, is to change the culture of communication between individuals and especially those seeking divorce. This means we strive to ensure a fair and mutually satisfactory agreement for both parties. It’s our expectation that mediation fees will be significantly less than separate attorneys for a court proceeding. We also understand that through the mediation process and re-established communication, there may be circumstances where reconciliation is possible.Divorce is a transition for every member of a family. For the divorcing couple, the experience can be similar or different. Regardless, it is a very emotional time. Why a marriage is ending may be out of your control, yet how you end it doesn’t have to be. Working together with a mediator to resolve the issues pertinent to you and your family can help you move forward in a kind and thoughtful manner.

At Mediation and Beyond, located in Westport, CT, we navigate divorce differently. In the constantly evolving structure of a family, divorce means many difficult life changes and adjustments - regardless of the amicability between partners. We work with the members of your family to establish a new path, as Mediation and Beyond staff help to imagine a happier life for all, post-uncoupling.

Mediation and Beyond, in Westport, CT,  will help a divorcing family to build the bridge to their life thereafter. Managing such a disruptive change in family dynamics is almost impossible for the two divorcing parties. In a successful mediation the outcomes are not known they are created between the parties in a such a way that honors one another and the process. 

Our staff’s mediation expertise goes beyond divorce issues. There are always opportunities to improve relationships within families. We mediate for better relationships during marriage, better relationships between parents and children, better divorces and better lives beyond divorce.

At Mediation and Beyond, proudly located in Werstport, CT, our goal is not only to assist you in reaching your own settlement, but also to assist you in putting together the pieces of your life after your mediation experience is completed.